Chinese cabbage, also known as rape, is rich in nutritional value, especially the high content of vitamin C. it grows in the south of China. Well, today Xiaobian will introduce the planting methods of oil cabbage to you.
Planting method of Chinese Cabbage (gourd)
1. Base fertilizer
Before sowing rape, it is necessary to apply enough base fertilizer. After the land is ploughed and exposed to the sun, apply equivalent base fertilizer according to the land area. The base fertilizer is mainly farmyard fertilizer, supplemented by potassium phosphate and other compound fertilizers. It is fully stirred with the soil to enhance the fertility of the soil, promote the germination and emergence of seeds, enhance the resistance of seedlings and reduce the incidence of diseases and pests, Lay a good foundation for high yield and high efficiency.
2. Seed selection
No matter what crops are planted, the first step is to select an excellent variety. The quality of the variety is directly related to the later yield. Therefore, when selecting varieties, we should select excellent varieties with high yield and strong disease resistance, which can save a lot of trouble in the later management and achieve twice the result with half the effort.
Planting method of Chinese Cabbage (gourd)

3. Seed soaking
When it is impossible to determine whether the seeds contain potential germs, the seeds shall be soaked to eliminate the germs in the seeds. First, the seeds shall be exposed to the sun for three hours, and then the seeds shall be soaked with clean water with a water temperature of about 50 degrees until the water temperature is reduced by 30 degrees, soaked for two hours, fished out and dried before sowing.
4. Sowing
There are also certain requirements for sowing time. The most suitable sowing season is in spring, and sowing can be carried out around March every year. Therefore, we should make all preparations before March, such as base fertilizer and seed soaking. When sowing, water the soil according to the moisture of the soil, and wait until all the water enters the soil thickness for sowing, Pay attention to the sowing density and dig the border for later management.
5. Manage
When the seedlings are unearthed and grow two real leaves, it is necessary to start the first thinning work, control the spacing of all seedlings at about 3cm, and expand the planting density when the second thinning time grows cabbage. The water demand at the seedling stage is not large, so as long as it is not too dry, it does not need to be watered. It should be watered at least three times during the growth period, not in cloudy and rainy weather.
Planting method of Chinese Cabbage (gourd)
6. Drainage
Chinese cabbage is extremely intolerant to waterlogging, and because the sowing time is in rainy spring, we should pay attention to the drainage in the garden. If there is no timely drainage, the ponding will not only have a great impact on the growth and development of Chinese cabbage, but also cause various diseases. Therefore, the drainage after sowing is very important, and it is best to set up waterproof facilities.
The above is Xiaobian’s introduction to the planting methods of oil cabbage. I hope it can help you!


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