Propagation and Cultivation Techniques of Manchurian star
Mantianxing, formerly known as double petal silk carnation, is native to the Mediterranean coast. It is a perennial herbaceous flower of Caryophyllaceae. It is an evergreen dwarf shrub with a plant height of about 65-70cm, thin stems, smooth skin, many branches, narrow and long leaves, sessile, opposite, and pink green leaves. It likes a warm, humid and sunny environment. It is suitable for flower beds, roadsides and hedgerows. It is also very suitable for potted viewing and bonsai production. It blooms in early summer, and the flowers are like beans. Each flower has 5 petals, slightly fragrant. Also known as broken copper coin, it can be used as a medicinal plant or as a lining for roses. The flower language of stars in the sky is: purity, care, etc.
Propagation and Cultivation Techniques of Manchurian star
Propagation method of Manchurian star
The variety has strong vitality, fast rooting, long-distance transportation and transplanting resistance, and the survival rate is more than 95%. Generally, cutting propagation is adopted. In spring, about 10cm of new branches of the plant are cut, and 3-4 roots are – clumps. Cutting is sprayed with water in the sand bed to moisturize and shade, about 15 natural roots are cultivated, and then transplanted to the soil for more than 20 days to cultivate into large seedlings for sale. Because the variety is easy to cultivate, easy to manage, high survival rate, short and strong plants, long flowering period, few diseases and pests, extensive management and no need to cut, it is widely used by landscaping units in urban streets, roadsides, residential gardens, squares, campuses, parks, hotels, tourist attractions, highway isolation belts and various organs and units to arrange all kinds of flower beds and flower clusters, and is also suitable for urban residential courtyards Balcony potted ornamental.

Cultivation and management technology of Mantianxing, also known as peacock flower, is an evergreen shrub flower. The plant is 0.5-1m high and the crown diameter is about 0.5m. It has fast growth speed, strong branching ability and compact plant type. The branches and leaves are small, with many branches and dense flowers, such as peacock’s opening screen. The flowers are pink. When the temperature is above 5 ℃, regardless of the size of seedlings, – flowers bloom continuously all year round, and each plant opens hundreds to thousands of small flowers every day. Mantianxing has the characteristics of cold resistance and high temperature resistance. It does not shed leaves in winter. From the whole growth situation, it is suitable for any soil growth. It is resistant to poverty, drought, disease and insect pests. It can grow well and flourish under the condition of extensive management. Mantianxing can be used in most urban greening settings and can maintain the flowering period of more than 300 days, which is unmatched by other varieties. It is also an indispensable cut flower variety and has a broad market prospect. The specific cultivation techniques are as follows.
Select well drained field soil, remove weeds, dig twice, and apply some farmyard fertilizer to poor soil. It is better to adopt box cultivation with width of 2.5-3M and unlimited length, break soil particles and level the soil surface for management. Cultivation specification: select seedlings with a height of about 15cm in the seedling bed, and 2-3 plants are – clusters. Transplant them according to the row spacing of 20cm x 30cm. Plant about 8000 – * * * * plants per mu. Plant them a little deeper – some beneficial root systems increase. Transplant them in the afternoon on cloudy and rainy days or sunny days. Water and moisturize them after planting. Generally, new roots will sprout again in 3-5 days. In the future, according to the weather conditions, combined with watering, apply 1% – 2% urea or compound fertilizer solution, which is conducive to rapid growth. Prune according to the tree shape and growth height and increase the crown diameter. In – 6-8 months, it can grow into large seedlings with a plant height of about 30 cm, which can be used in greening projects. The larger the plant type and crown diameter, the higher the price. Because the variety grows fast, the cultivation time is greatly shortened. There are few diseases and insect pests in the growing season. If aphids are found to damage the leaves at the seedling stage, 800 times of dichlorvos can be used to kill them. This variety is suitable for cultivation in four seasons, mainly in spring, autumn and winter, and transplanted with soil in cloudy and rainy days in summer. Generally, it will not die and has a high survival rate.


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