1. Growth demand
Eternal chrysanthemum seed is an annual herb with fast growth speed, which can be sown in deserts and other places. It is very fond of sunshine. Add common contents to lazy phrases and input easier plants. The more sufficient light, the better the growth effect of eternal chrysanthemum. Therefore, growers need to pay attention to external light changes when sowing.
2. Sowing time
Yongsheng chrysanthemum is usually sown in spring and autumn. The precipitation is relatively concentrated in spring and autumn, and the temperature is appropriate. At this time, there are many methods to sow Yongsheng chrysanthemum, and the germination rate of Yongsheng chrysanthemum is also relatively high.
3. Attention to sowing
Growers need to pay attention to the sowing amount when sowing immortal chrysanthemum, because the reproduction effect of immortal chrysanthemum is better, and the root system is easy to regenerate. If too much is used during sowing, its stems will be entangled, so it will be more troublesome during transplanting or cultivation in the later stage. Therefore, when planting, growers should control the seed demand per mu, which is more conducive to its growth.

4. Flowering time
The flowering period of eternal chrysanthemum is relatively long and can last about half a year. Moreover, the flower color and economic value are relatively high. It can be placed indoors or planted in the courtyard, which can play a high ornamental value.