Chestnut, known as “the king of dried fruit”, is a famous Chinese mainland. It is native to China, and is distributed in Vietnam, Taiwan and Mainland China. Many people like chestnut, and its nutritional value is high. So, what kind of chestnut is mature in a few months? What are the effects? Let’s get to know:
When does chestnut mature? What are the effects?
When does chestnut mature?
Chestnut ripens between September and October.
In early May, with the warming weather, chestnut began to sprout; From late May to early June, chestnut began to bloom; Between September and October, the chestnut slowly opened its mouth, and the chestnut waiting for a year was finally about to mature.
When chestnuts are mature, some fall naturally when they are mature, while others need to stand under the chestnut tree and beat the branches with a bamboo pole, and the chestnuts will fall down. Sometimes some will fall down with the thorny shell outside. Being stabbed is common, but it is worth watching the harvest fruit.
There is a Chinese proverb called “Hawthorn in August, chestnut in October, laugh ha ha”. October is the season when chestnuts are fragrant.

Effect of Chestnut
1. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals
It can prevent and treat hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis and other diseases. It is a good tonic for anti-aging and prolonging life. It is known as the “king of dried fruits”. It is called “iron crop” and “woody grain” together with jujube and persimmon;
2. Riboflavin
Often eating chestnut is beneficial to children’s mouth and tongue sores and adult oral ulcers;
3. High carbohydrate content
It can supply more heat energy to the human body and help fat metabolism. It has the function of Supplementing Qi, strengthening spleen and tonifying gastrointestinal tract;
4. Rich in vitamin C
It can maintain the normal function of teeth, bones, blood vessels and muscles, prevent and treat osteoporosis, waist and leg soreness, muscle and bone pain and fatigue, and delay human aging. It is an ideal health fruit for the elderly.


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