Tomato, also known as tomato, is a nutritious vegetable, which is good for human body, so many people like to buy it. Now let’s take a look at the whole process of tomato potting.
When planting, remember to put the base fertilizer, preferably chicken manure, pigeon manure and other organic fertilizers in the flower pot to fully mix the fertilizer with the soil. Then dig out the seedlings about 5cm away from the root of the original flowerpot with a garden shovel, and the excavation depth should not be less than 8cm. Plant the excavated seedlings with soil blocks into the flowerpot, straighten the seedlings and gently shake the flowerpot. After planting, water immediately until water seeps from the pot hole. When the seedlings are just planted in the flowerpot, make sure that the soil is not too wet, otherwise it is easy to grow in vain.

Small tomatoes like sunshine. In addition to just planting them for a few days to avoid light and adapt to the environment, they should ensure sufficient sunshine time every day. In summer, even in dog days, they don’t need a sunshade, as long as they are given enough water every day.
Do a good job in water and fertilizer management
The tomatoes are watered once after entering the basin, and then every 3-5 days. Water should be controlled before fruit setting, and the soil should be kept moist during fruit expansion. After entering the pot, 200mg / kg high-efficiency compound liquid fertilizer shall be poured every 10 days or rotten chicken manure shall be applied before flowering.
When the young tomato seedlings grow up and start to fork, you should remember to cut off the branches under the tomato seedlings. Remember to cut it from the bottom. You don’t have to give up, because these branches usually don’t bear fruit, but consume nutrition. After pruning, pruning, topping and fruit thinning are required. Basin types can be formed by rotation and pruning. The rotation should be carried out on a sunny afternoon, not in the morning or rainy days. In addition, the yellow old leaves and branches at the root of tomato seedlings should be removed in time to ventilate the seedlings and reduce nutrient consumption.


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