Zanthoxylum bungeanum is resistant to drought and barren. It is especially suitable for planting in ladder fields, edge gaps, wasteland and around orchards. Scientific planting of Zanthoxylum bungeanum is also an effective way to improve the ecological environment and increase farmers’ income.
Fertilization by enlarging hole
After thawing the soil in early spring, dig the soil around the root system of Zanthoxylum bungeanum for 30-50 cm, and apply about 30 kg of organic fertilizer to each plant; In the germination period in the middle of April and after fruit picking in the last ten days of July, 0.4KG standard chemical fertilizer was applied to each plant. After fertilization, water it once in time.
Film mulching and warming: Film Mulching has a good effect of moisturizing and warming. Generally, it can increase the ground temperature by about 3 ℃, which is conducive to the development and growth of root system. Plastic mulching should be carried out in time after fertilization. The soil along the tree line should be fine and dry, and it should be slightly higher near the trunk. The area of plastic mulching should be slightly larger than the outer edge of the crown. The junction of the two plastic films shall be compacted with soil, and the plastic film shall be flattened as far as possible and close to the ground, and the surrounding shall be sealed with soil. At the end of April, mulching the film with 5cm thick fine soil can prevent weeds and prolong the service life of the film.

Foliar spraying
With the mixed solution of 3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 0.5% urea, fertilizer is sprayed on the leaves 6 times a year, the first time at flowering, the second time 10 days after flowering, and the third time at an interval of 10 days. It is sprayed once in the first and middle of July and after fruit harvest.
Pruning and rejuvenation: in summer, pepper was harvested and pruned in time. For weak trees, cut off some big branches and pest branches, and then take out the extra big branches in autumn. Finally, keep 5-7 main branches per plant, and properly remove the dense branches in the crown. The amount of thinning branches is generally not more than 25%, and cut some weak branches to the strong buds; The middle and short branches of the tree of the mean are usually not short cut, but sparse, and the terminal buds should be protected. The long fruit branches should be cut properly, and the big buds should be retained.
Scientific harvesting
Harvest time and method: the fruit ripening period of Zanthoxylum bungeanum is generally from the beginning of autumn to the end of summer. At maturity, the pericarp of Zanthoxylum bungeanum is purplish red or light red, the suture line of pericarp is protruding, a little cracking, and the seed is black and bright. You can smell the strong aroma of hemp, which is the most suitable harvest time. The fruits are usually picked by hand or cut with scissors.


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