Cotton, friends should be familiar with it, the use of cotton is really much more, if we can use it to make quilts, clothes can also use it and so on, it can be said that it is necessary for us to keep warm! But how is such a good thing grown? My friends must be very curious! Today Xiaobian is going to tell you how to plant cotton, interested partners can have a try!
Step 1: choose where to grow
It is particularly important to choose the place where cotton is planted. Although cotton is better than other things, it needs plenty of sunshine, so the small partners who plant cotton must choose a sunny place to plant cotton! Planting cotton has no requirements for the land. Just pay attention to watering. Remember to choose the place with good light, so that we can plant good cotton, find the land for planting, we can start the next step!
Step 2: start planting cotton
You should all know that the most common way to plant cotton is to plant directly with seedlings. If you don’t have time to cultivate seedlings by yourself, you can buy them on the street. This is a kind of seedlings that can be bought at any time. After buying the seedlings, we began to plant them. The best time to plant cotton is in spring, because the most suitable temperature for cotton growth is 15 degrees, because 15 degrees can make cotton blossom early and produce more cotton. When planting cotton seedlings, it should be controlled to about 3cm, which will not affect the germination of seedlings. Remember not to be too close when planting seedlings. In this way, to reduce the mass production of cotton, we should plant a little distance apart. After planting, we will proceed to the next step!

Step 3: apply fertilizer
To fertilize cotton is not to apply a lot of fertilizer at once, but to apply fertilizer step by step. The first fertilization is when ploughing the land. After adding enough fertilizer, we can plant cotton. We don’t need to fertilize the cotton when it is still young. When we see that it has blossomed, we will start to add fertilizer. This time, we need to add enough fertilizer, because the cotton is growing at that time. It is good to apply more fertilizer. When the cotton grows up, we don’t have to fertilize. We just need to water it regularly.
Step 4: prune the branches and leaves
Don’t underestimate this step. This is a crucial step. Let’s find out the cotton with more branches and start pruning. Prune all the leaves above the branches and leaves. The function of this step is to prevent the nutrients from being absorbed by the leaves, and the fruits will die if they can’t absorb the nutrients, which will affect the yield of our cotton. So we should always pay attention to the leaves of cotton, must be regular pruning, so that we can produce more cotton!
Step 5: prevention of diseases and pests
In the face of planting cotton, we may sometimes encounter diseases and pests, so our hard work is in vain. How can we prevent this kind of thing from happening? Let’s talk about it. The way to prevent pests is that we should regularly use pesticides to stop pests, and often observe the changes in the cotton field. If there is a phenomenon of pests, we should use pesticides in time. The disease is that if a cotton plant dies and is not handled in time, it will affect a piece of cotton. Therefore, we should always observe and see if there are yellow or dried cotton seedlings in the cotton field. If we remove them in time, it will not affect other cotton.
Step 6: picking cotton
When we see that the cotton has begun to open up, we can start picking cotton. It’s better to pick cotton once every 5-7 days. We should also observe the weather all the time. If it rains, we can pick it in advance. The person in charge of picking must pay attention not to let the hair fall into the picked cotton!
This is the whole process of planting cotton. Have you learned it? Is it particularly simple? If you are interested in planting cotton, you can have a try. Maybe you will have a different experience! If you have a better way to grow cotton, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below and learn from each other!


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