Family Cucumber Planting Method:
1. Planting time
The planting time of cucumber is generally from January to March or from June to August! Planting in August, easy maintenance. In spring, soaking seeds can be used to accelerate germination, and in summer and autumn, soaking seeds can be used to accelerate germination, and then dry seed can be used for direct seeding. Generally, seedlings can emerge in 3-4 days. When the seedlings grow 1-2 leaves, they can be transplanted and planted.
2. Container soil
To plant cucumbers, we should choose good containers, flowerpots, wooden pots, foam boxes and professional cultivation boxes. The important thing is that the selected container basin has good drainage, and the depth is 40 cm. Soil selection drainage better, fertile nutrient soil, so more conducive to cucumber growth Oh!
3. Seed treatment
After selecting the container, soak the seeds. This step is very important, can promote seed germination, shorten the growth cycle. The seeds were soaked in 50 ℃ warm water for 20 minutes, keeping the water temperature constant, and stirring constantly during the soaking process. After 20 minutes, soak the seeds in water at room temperature for 6-8 hours. Take out the seeds, wrap them in the wet hair, put them in the environment of 25 ~ 28 ℃ to promote germination, and then sow them when more than half of the seeds are white.

4. Sowing
Sprinkle the soaked seeds evenly on the surface of nutrient soil and cover with 1 cm thin soil. Water immediately after sowing is called planting water, and keep the soil moist for 4-5 days.
5. Maintenance
Fertilization: sufficient fertilizer is conducive to the growth of cucumber. The absorption capacity of cucumber root is very weak, and it is sensitive to high concentration of fertilizer. Pay attention to thin fertilizer application frequently, and topdressing once every 6 ~ 8 days. In the fruiting period, topdressing should be done once every 5-7 days, mainly with compound fertilizer.
Build a frame: cucumber tendrils appear to build a growth frame for it. Insert two bamboo poles on the outside of the seedlings and tie the upper ends of the bamboo poles together. When the vine is long, the vine is directly tied to the bamboo pole to make it stand upright. Don’t tie it too tightly. It’s better to insert your fingers. Cucumber under the shelf, the fruit is more, and the fruit is big and straight.
Harvesting: it takes 45 days from sowing to planting, 30 days from planting to root setting, and 10 days after pollination. The harvest time is 1 ~ 2 months. So it takes 85 days from planting seeds to eating cucumbers.
Pinching: when the cucumber vine climbs to the top of the shelf, it should be pinched in time to promote the growth of Cucumis melo. Usually, the topping is carried out when the leaves grow to 30-35 pieces, and the branches and leaves, tendrils and old leaves at the top are removed. These processes are essential. Only in this way can the cucumber grow, bloom and bear fruit normally.


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