In the morning, I went to the flower shop and saw that it was just opened and the water was very beautiful. At first I was still wondering why there were still Narcissus flowers at this time. Later I asked the owner of the flower shop to know when Narcissus flowers could be controlled. Were you surprised? I’m one of those people who try to do everything to the East. You must have guessed that I’m going to plant a narcissus at home, and then I went to the green plant shop to buy a narcissus. To tell you the truth, the seedlings of Narcissus are not very good-looking. When I bought them back, my mother-in-law took them as garlic, but she didn’t know when they would germinate.
In fact, Narcissus potted requirements are not high, like most green plants, it likes the temperature of about 15 degrees, but it has a special feature that attracts people’s attention. It will bloom in half a month to a month, isn’t it super good, so it has a sense of achievement. It also has a particularly good feature is that you can plant whatever you want. No matter you plant it with soil in a flowerpot, sand in the yard, or water directly in a vase, it won’t let you down.

When I first went to know Narcissus, I was very surprised that I must have met true love. I really like that it is so well cultivated and has the characteristics of being at ease with the situation. It’s just a plant tailored for lazy people. So I’m not going to potted the Narcissus I bought today, so I choose water culture. Any kind of green plant, especially the plants placed indoors for viewing, needs nothing more than four kinds of things: suitable temperature, just right watering, just right sunshine, and sufficient fertilizer. So I think hydroponic Narcissus should not be difficult.
Since it is clear to prepare for hydroponics, Narcissus ball is an essential step. You don’t need to add anything to clean it directly with clean water. After that, you are required to peel off the skin of Narcissus ball, mainly to peel off the old roots and stems. After that, you can put the narcissus in the vase or flowerpot that you have prepared, and then slowly add water. Don’t submerge all the Narcissus, or it won’t turn Narcissus into bubble Narcissus. After the narcissus is installed, it should be put in a cool place in the room, but if you want to pay attention to water conservation, you must change the water every day, so as to ensure that the root is clean and the nutrition in the water is not lost.
Do not change the water for a few days, or the water will pollute and produce harmful substances, which is very harmful to the growth of Narcissus. After a few days, it will take root in the water. After taking root, it can be put in the sun. The light should not be too strong. It’s good to see the sun for six or eight hours a day. A suitable temperature and sufficient light and ventilation place, Narcissus will soon bloom in a month. Let alone in the growth period of Narcissus is really like the water of garlic, but still does not affect its beautiful flowers, and Narcissus can be carved, but I am not very clear about this aspect.
You can study it. In addition, if you are going to grow Narcissus like me, you should make it clear when you buy Narcissus, because you have to choose Zhangzhou narcissus for the first time. It has a long variety radius and is easy to survive. Today’s sharing is just a simple water breeding Narcissus, in fact, planting Narcissus can also be like potted plants with soil to raise, the same beautiful water. And Narcissus flowering time is controllable, but if it is in winter, you should pay more attention to the temperature above 20 degrees, it can blossom smoothly.

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