Clivia is a common flower in our life. Raising a basin of Clivia at home has both temperament and beauty, but many people’s Clivia can’t be raised well in summer, or even well. Today, I want to share with you how to maintain Clivia in summer to make it easy to spend the summer.
1. Shade and ventilation
The most important thing to maintain Clivia in summer is good ventilation and proper shading. Clivia is in semi dormant state when it is in high temperature in summer, so it is necessary to do a good job in heatstroke prevention. Clivia does not like strong light, prefer weak light environment, most afraid of direct light.
In summer, we need to put it in a cool and ventilated place for maintenance. It’s best to see the scattered light. We can use the way of burying sand to cool down. Burying Clivia’s flowerpot in the sand, burying the flowerpot completely, and sprinkling water on the sand every morning and evening can not only cool down, but also keep the soil moist, and the evaporation of water can also play the role of heat absorption.

2. Watering and fertilizing
In summer, the temperature is higher, the evaporation of water is larger, and the water demand of Clivia is also larger. The amount of watering can be determined according to the size of the flowerpot and the age of Clivia.
The best way to water Clivia is to use rainwater. If the tap water is used, it needs to stand for about a day to prevent the soil from hardening and deterioration. The basin soil should be loose, breathable and well drained. Otherwise, the accumulated water in the basin will easily lead to the rotten root of Clivia.
Fertilization should be stopped in hot summer. If Clivia is maintained in a cool and ventilated place, it will not be completely dormant. At this time, it can be fertilized once every half a month. Before fertilization, it is necessary to keep the basin soil dry.
3. Pest control
Clivia will be in a semi dormant state in summer. If the environment is not well ventilated, it is easy to be harmed by scale insects. At this time, medication is needed. Generally, scale insects can be treated or dichlorvos can be used. It should be noted that if medication is used at home, more attention should be paid to ventilation and children to avoid unnecessary injury.

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