1、 Why do zucchini always lose fruit
1. Poor pollination
(1) The pollination of zucchini is very important for sitting well. If the pollination is not good, the process of Zucchini from flower to fruit will not be smooth.
(2) At present, many zucchini are planted in vegetable greenhouses, so it is difficult to pollinate in a closed environment, which makes it easier to drop fruit.
2. Light and temperature discomfort
(1) Two essential environmental conditions in the growth process of Zucchini are light and temperature. The normal flowering and sitting of Zucchini need certain light and appropriate temperature.

(2) If the light and temperature are not suitable in the flowering and fruiting period of zucchini, such as insufficient light, high temperature, small temperature difference between day and night, it will easily lead to abnormal development of Zucchini and fruit drop.
3. Nutrient deficiency
(1) The growth of vegetable crops are inseparable from nutrients. Zucchini needs a lot of nutrients in the flowering and fruiting period, which is higher than other growth stages.
(2) If we don’t pay attention to fertilization at this time, it will lead to nutrient deficiency, such as inappropriate types of fertilization, partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, etc., which will lead to the shortage of various nutrient elements needed for the flower and fruit of Zucchini and the problem of fruit drop.
4. Improper watering
(1) The water demand of summer squash will be more strict after it enters the flowering and fruiting period. If you can’t water it in time at this time, in the case of serious drought and water shortage, the flowers of Zucchini will fall off easily, and the weak melon with poor development will also fall.
(2) It should be noted that too much watering is not conducive to the growth of zucchini. If too much watering at one time, it will lead to ponding and bad root system, poor overall growth of Zucchini plant and fruit drop.
2、 How to protect the flower and fruit of Zucchini
1. Artificial pollination
(1) Artificial pollination can be carried out on zucchini, which can better guarantee the success rate of pollination. The specific operation can be carried out by smearing anthers or using hormone treatment.
(2) In addition to artificial pollination, biological pollination can also be used. For example, in order to make female flowers pollinate better, bees can be put in the greenhouse in winter. Bee pollination can improve the fruit setting rate of zucchini.
2. Pay attention to control the light and temperature
(1) In sunny days, the grass curtain should be lifted early in the morning and covered late in the evening, which can prolong the light time, prevent flower and fruit falling, and improve the fruit setting rate of zucchini.
(2) Or take some shading measures to help zucchini cool down. The temperature should be controlled at about 25 ° C during the day and 15 ° C at night.
3. Rational application of flower and fruit conservation fertilizer
(1) When summer squash enters flowering stage, it is necessary to reduce or not apply nitrogen fertilizer. At the same time, we should pay attention to increase the application of appropriate amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, supplement boron, calcium and other trace element fertilizer to ensure adequate nutrients.
(2) If you want to effectively prevent summer squash from falling flowers and fruits due to boron deficiency, you must supplement boron fertilizer in advance. Amino acid foliar fertilizer containing boron element can be sprayed on the leaves of Zucchini during bud pregnancy period, which can effectively prevent flower and fruit drop of zucchini.
4. Reasonable watering
(1) Water zucchini frequently during the flowering and fruiting period to prevent drought and water shortage. Every time you water, you should water thoroughly, so that the root system can get water nourishment, but you should pay attention to avoid ponding.
(2) Before planting zucchini, it is necessary to apply enough base fertilizer. The base fertilizer is mainly fermented animal manure, with 2500-3000 kg per mu, 50 kg of plant ash and 100 kg of superphosphate.

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