1、 The reason of maize heart leaf yellowing
1. Bacterial wilt caused
Plant suffering from bacterial wilt will affect the growth of the plant, leading to yellow heart leaves.
2. Water shortage leads to
In the late stage of maize planting, drought, plant water absorption is insufficient, nutrient deficiency, resulting in some leaves yellowing.
3. Nitrogen deficiency leads to
In the late stage of nitrogen deficiency, the lower leaves of maize would turn yellow and gradually spread upward, and all the lower leaves would die when it was serious.
4. Potassium deficiency causes
Potassium deficiency of maize leaves will begin to turn yellow from the tip, gradually develop to the edge of the yellow and dry, when serious, the whole leaf will be necrotic.
5. Caused by flooding
If the phenomenon of long-term flooding occurs in corn, generally more than 24 hours, the lower leaves will wither.
2、 What is the lack of yellow corn heart
1. What’s missing
Generally, lack of water, nitrogen and potassium will lead to the yellowing of corn heart leaves.
2. Precautions for planting
(1) When planting corn, the main ditch, enclosure ditch and box ditch can be well opened during soil preparation, and the ditch can be connected, the ditch does not accumulate water, and can be irrigated and drained. The best way to prepare the soil is to plough the frozen green body every other year or plant a season of winter vegetables. If not, it is necessary to plough the land in time in the spring of the next year. Appropriate farmyard manure can be applied to keep the soil dry, increase the fertility and clean up the weeds in the field.
(2) Pay attention to the planting time of corn. Spring corn is usually sown from late April to early May, and autumn corn is usually sown around the middle of July.
(3) During the period from jointing to big mouthing, the amount of fertilizer needed for corn increased sharply, so we should pay attention to supplement fertilizer in time. It is necessary to apply fertilizer reasonably. It can be combined with base fertilizer, seed fertilizer and top dressing, nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer and potassium fertilizer, agricultural fertilizer, chemical fertilizer and biological bacterial fertilizer.
(4) Base fertilizer application before sowing can promote seed germination and growth.

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