1、 What method can let melon seedling bear watermelon
1. Artificial pollination
(1) According to the flowering habit of watermelon, the pollination can be carried out around 8-9 a.m., and the pollination can be postponed properly because the male flowers disperse late in cloudy days.
(2) In order to prevent the late pollination of male flowers in rainy days, the male flowers that can open in the second day can be taken back in the afternoon of the previous day, put them in a dry and warm indoor environment, make them bloom and pollinate on time in the morning of the next day, and then use it to pollinate the female flowers.
2. Selection of cantaloupe
(1) If you want to increase the number of melons and correct the shape of melons, you must choose the melon sitting on the second female flower. If you want to keep the melon for a suitable time, it will make the melon small and lead to the wrong shape. If it is too late, it is not conducive to the early listing.
(2) Generally, 3-5 days after pollination, the embryo of melon will grow up obviously. Priority should be given to retaining melon on the main vine. After retaining melon on the main vine, melon can be retained on the lateral vine.
(3) In the case of bracket cultivation, when the watermelon grows to about 0.5kg, it must be timely suspended to prevent the young melon from falling after it grows.
(4) In the case of creeping cultivation, we must select, pad and turn melons just like arch shed cultivation.

3. Water and fertilizer management
(1) During the period from planting to pollination, it should be noted that watering must not be too much, generally only 2-3 times.
(2) If there is too much rain, we must do a good job in drainage work, and timely topdressing to prevent fertilizer.
(3) The vegetative growth of the plants with excessive growth can be controlled by pruning, topping and vine pressing, and the excessive growth in large area can be controlled by removing the strong and retaining the weak and cutting the roots.
(4) The watermelon must be sprayed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate and boron fertilizer when it grows to 4-5 nodes, which can promote flowering and fruiting.
2、 How to prune watermelon seedlings
1. Watermelon seedlings can be pruned to increase the number of melons, generally can be pruned by three vine pruning. Watermelon seedlings should not be treated at the seedling stage. When the vine grows to about 1 meter, a layer of wheat straw can be spread to fix the vine, so as to prevent the occurrence of rotten fruit and damage. Remove the vine from the watermelon seedling and keep the part of the sun vine on the vine. In addition to retaining the main vine part of the watermelon, two robust lateral vines should be left beside the base of the main vine, and the rest of the lateral vines should be removed.
2. The time of pruning can be chosen in the morning of a sunny day, which can promote wound healing. Sharp tools must be used for pruning. Before pruning, the knife should be disinfected first, and at the same time, it should be disinfected, so as to prevent the invasion and infection of bacteria.
3. When the branches and vines of watermelon grow to about 17-35cm, the method to stabilize the seedlings is to pour the seedlings. First, loosen the soil at the base of the seedling, and then rotate the seedling to make the seedling fall to the border surface. Press the soil on the other side of the base to make the main vine begin to crawl. In order to promote the fruit bearing of watermelon, the vine can be pressed and fixed with soil or branches. There are two kinds of pressing vines: open pressing and dark pressing. You can choose the appropriate method according to the situation.

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