1、 What is purple corn
1. Black Pearl sweet corn
(1) The plant height of this variety is 2.4m, the ear length is 20cm, the color of fresh grain is purple, and the arrangement is neat, the taste is soft and sweet, and it has rich nutrition.
(2) The variety has good stress resistance and high yield. The dry seed yield can reach 450 kg / mu.
2. Luzinao No.1
(1) It has purple grains and belongs to glutinous type. Its plant height is 201cm, ear height is 69.2cm, ear length is 17.3cm, row number per ear is 12.7, grain number per row is 34.1, 100 grain weight is 32g.
(2) The average yield of fresh ear per mu was 676.5kg in the regional trial of fresh eating waxy corn group in rice and sorghum Research Institute of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (2017).
3. Minzinuo 2
(1) Purple grains, plant height 204.8cm, ear height 91cm, ear length 17cm, ear diameter 4.5cm, 509 grains per ear, cooked fresh ears have good taste.
(2) When the soil temperature is stable above 12 ℃, it can be sown (spring sowing), and the planting density per mu is generally 3600-3800 plants.
4. Purple glutinous No.3
(1) The kernel of ZiNuo 3 belongs to hard kernel type, with purple color and waxy taste, which is a new variety of purple waxy corn.
(2) Generally, it can be cooked before eating, or it can be made into flour before eating.
5. Zixiangyu
(1) The plant height of this variety is 130-150cm, the plant is relatively compact, and the ear height is 60-65cm.
(2) This variety is rich in nutrition, and tastes sweet, so it can be used as fresh corn or wine.
6. ZiNuo 2
(1) The whole growth period of purple Nuo 2 is 120 days, plant height is 240 cm, ear is long cone, purple grain, taste waxy, double ear rate is generally more than 60%.
(2) The variety has rich nutrition, sweet taste, is a good variety of corn varieties.
2、 Does purple corn fade when cooked

1. Will it fade
Purple corn will fade when it is boiled, but this situation is generally normal, because when it is boiled, it will decompose the anthocyanins it contains, so that the water will be dyed purple.
2. How to eat
(1) Boiling: wash the purple corn first and then put it into water. Generally, it can be eaten after boiling for about 20 minutes.
(2) Corn paste: first grind dry purple corn into powder, then put it into boiling water and stir it evenly, then boil it over low heat and you can eat it.

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