1、 Seedling selection

Choose the varieties with high yield, big fruit and few diseases and insect pests, choose the two or three-year-old robust blueberry seedlings, and try to choose the seedlings whose roots are not full of nutrition pots.

2、 Basin soil
Blueberry grows vigorously in weak acid soil, so it can be mixed with loose and permeable humus soil, peat soil and sand in the ratio of 3:2:1. When choosing a flowerpot, it’s better to choose a tile or pottery pot, or a purple sand pot, so that it can be more ventilated and breathable, and the roots can breathe easily and drain easily.

3、 Illumination
Blueberry likes light and is a little shade tolerant. It should be shaded in summer. In other seasons, you can see all day sunshine.

4、 Fertilizer and water management
Blueberries are more tolerant to waterlogging, so they can not be watered dry, and they need to be watered thoroughly when the soil is dry. In addition, they can be watered normally in spring and autumn. Increasing the frequency of watering in summer can reduce the temperature. After watering, strengthen ventilation, and in winter, they can be watered once before overwintering.            At the initial stage of planting, you can use rotten cattle, sheep, rabbit manure or rotten leaf soil to apply fertilizer. When topdressing blueberries, the concentration should be reduced by half compared with other flowers, and the frequency is about half a month. You can choose cake fertilizer, water fertilizer or nitrogen fertilizer to apply fertilizer.

5、 Post management
The incidence of pests during blueberry planting is relatively small, so we can prepare some insecticides to control pests, such as thiophanate methyl, carbendazim and so on.
Appropriate pruning of blueberry plants and timely pruning of old branches are conducive to photosynthesis of potted blueberry plants and to produce beautiful fruits.

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