1、 Can corn sprout in heavy rain after sowing
1. Corn can’t sprout in heavy rain after sowing. If there is heavy rain after corn sowing, it will cause soil caking, which will make it difficult for corn seeds to be unearthed. Even if it is unearthed, there will be yellow seedlings and weak seedlings. Three basic conditions must be met after corn sowing, which are suitable temperature, moisture and oxygen. In this way, corn can absorb enough water after planting. When the temperature reaches the condition of germination, it can start to take root and sprout.
2. Generally, corn seeds can sprout in about 7-10 days after sowing under normal conditions. If the soil is relatively dry, it can sprout in about 10-20 days. If there is no seedling after more than 20 days, it is basically difficult to sprout, because the corn seeds have been corroded by microorganisms for more than 20 days and lost the ability of rooting and germination.
3. When planting corn, we should pay attention to deepen the sowing depth when the soil is dry. After ploughing, if the water loss in the surface layer is serious, but the soil moisture in the deep layer is normal, the sowing depth can be increased from 3-5cm to 5-8cm. This will make the seeds absorb enough water and germinate quickly. If the soil is dry, it must be vibrated after sowing, so that the surface of the seed can fully contact with the soil and enhance the role of absorbing water.
2、 When is the best time to water the corn after sowing
1. It’s better to water the corn on the same day after sowing, because enough base fertilizer will be applied before sowing. If not, it is likely to be stuffy. And when the weather is hot, the soil will become dry. At this time, the seeds can not be unearthed normally after sowing, so we must water them after sowing, so as to ensure the emergence rate of corn seeds.
2. When corn is sown, if the soil moisture is not enough, or there is no rain for a long time after sowing, it will have adverse effects on the germination of corn. Soil moisture must be maintained at 65% – 75% during maize sowing. If soil moisture content is lower than 65% during maize sowing, it is necessary to create soil moisture before sowing.
3. After the emergence of maize, because the maize plant is short and the root system is not developed, although it is drought resistant, it is not waterlogged, so it does not need watering during this period. When the corn enters the jointing stage, the plant will grow crazily and the water demand will be relatively large. If the water content in the soil is lower than 65% of the field capacity, it should be watered in time.

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