1. Planting time
Carnation should be planted in spring or autumn. If there is time in autumn, it is recommended to plant seeds in autumn. Because autumn is one of the best times for seeds to germinate. It’s better not to sow in winter, because the temperature is very low and the seeds are not easy to germinate. The temperature is too low for the growth of young plants.

2. Soil preparation: when planting carnation, use slightly alkaline, soft and breathable soil. Before planting, they should be placed in the sun and exposed to the sun for disinfection.

3. Seed preparation: when planting it, use healthy, defect free seeds. Before planting, the seeds need to be screened first, and the shriveled and wormhole seeds need to be removed.

4. Sowing: prepare a flowerpot with good air permeability, and put the sun dried soil into the flowerpot. After that, the seeds are evenly scattered on the surface of the soil in the flowerpot and covered with a thin layer of soil.

5. Later maintenance: after sowing, it needs to be put in a warm place. It is best to keep the temperature between 21-22 ℃, which is the best temperature for their germination. Before germination, water should be sprayed into the soil regularly to ensure that there is a certain amount of water in the soil. This is also what seeds need to germinate.

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