1. Generally, peanuts can be planted in spring, and can be sown from April 10 to 15. It is not suitable to sow early, because the temperature is still at a low position when sowing too early. If the peanuts are sown, the germination rate of seeds will be affected, resulting in uneven emergence, lack of seedlings and ridge breaking.

2. When the peanut is sown too early and leads to the lack of seedlings, it is generally necessary to carry out supplementary loading, or to seed the crops that can be intercropped with peanut. It is generally not recommended to replant, because the replanted peanut not only has a late growth period and is difficult to manage, but also has few actual results in the later stage, which affects the harvest.

3. For the field where the lack of seedlings is not serious, we can use the digger to take the seedlings from other places with high density in the field in the sunny evening and irrigate enough water. In view of the serious lack of seedlings and ridged fields, peanut interplanting method can be used to plant cowpea, soybean, soybean and other leguminous crops in time. Generally, the growth of peanut will not be affected, and the management is more convenient.

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