1.Raspberry, a wild fruit, is not known by many people, but it must be known by farmers who grew up in the countryside, because it grows wild in the mountains and is one of the favorite wild fruits for many farmers. Raspberry also has a name, called thorn bubble. When it comes to cipao, many people know it, because this wild fruit is so famous in the countryside. But unfortunately, with the growth of time, the number of wild raspberries is less and less. So if people want to eat this kind of fruit, they must be planted artificially. But in the process of artificial planting, there will be many thorny problems. Today, I will take you to understand how to plant raspberry scientifically, so as to bring higher quality harvest.

2.In the process of planting raspberry, the most important step is to plant, do not underestimate the role of this step. Because if this step is not done well, no matter how well the next step is done, the yield of planting will be affected. This is because the quality of planting determines the yield of raspberry. Generally speaking, after planting, after a period of time, we have to go to the field to check the growth of seedlings. After checking, we planted according to the density of 500 plants per mu. The reason why we want to control the number at 500 plants is that this density is most conducive to the growth of raspberries. If the distance between each other is too close when planting, the permeability of raspberry will become worse, which will make the yield of raspberry drop sharply.

3.Of course, in addition, it is also very important to loosen the soil in the field to ensure that the soil nutrients are not lost. When choosing the soil, we should choose the place with good air permeability and loose soil as the planting land. After planting raspberry, we should pay attention to the irrigation and supplement of fertilizer in the soil. If the soil loses nutrition, it cannot bring energy to the growth of raspberries. Therefore, in the process of planting, we should remember to give more fertilizer to the soil, often turn over the soil and increase air flow. After raspberries grow up, many weeds will grow in the field. These weeds have to be pulled out completely, because they will take away the nutrition of the seed, making it difficult for the seed to grow.

4.Also pay special attention to the pruning of raspberry branches and leaves, which is also a work that can not be ignored. In spring, it is the best time for the branches and leaves of raspberry to grow; The harvest time in autumn is also the best time for the growth of branches and leaves of raspberry. If pruning, we must not miss these two opportunities. Pruning branches and leaves has many advantages. It can not only increase the yield of raspberry, but also improve its quality. In the past, the growers didn’t pay attention to pruning the branches and leaves of raspberries, so the raspberries tasted dry and the appearance was not attractive, because too many branches and leaves robbed the nutrients of raspberries.

5.It’s very important to find the right method in the process of pruning. You can’t prune all the branches blindly. In this way, it’s easy to lose good branches. For example, we can mainly trim the branches that look sick and thin, leaving the healthy branches and leaves without broken branches. In addition to the methods mentioned above, we also need to water raspberries in time. As the weather is out of control, we need to be more careful. When the weather is dry, water the soil in time; In the rainstorm, we should open the soil, pay attention to timely drainage, otherwise too much rain accumulated in the soil, the root of the seed can not breathe, so that rot, rot will seriously affect the yield of raspberry.

6.In the last step, because the branches of raspberry are very soft, it is easy to fall on the ground and break in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to build a frame for raspberry. Soft branches mean that it can’t bear the weight of raspberry fruit, so scaffolding can easily solve this problem and improve its yield. The advantage of scaffolding is not only that it can be used to bear weight, but also that it can increase the permeability between branches. Because the branches of raspberry will drop to the ground due to gravity after growing up, and can not be evenly exposed to the sun, so the permeability will become poor. The purpose of erecting the frame is to make the branches not drop, so that the quality of the fruit of raspberry will be better.

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