In fact, the planting method of Clivia is very simple. First of all, we should choose a high cylindrical pot with appropriate size (the diameter is generally a little larger than the leaf opening of the plant).

The second part is to prepare suitable nutrient soil, which can be used as a special product. You can also make it by yourself, which is more convenient and more affordable. The materials for preparing Clivia soil are rotten peanut shell, sawdust, rotten bark, rotten branches and leaves, a small amount of garden soil, a small amount of cinder or coarse sand, rotten leaf soil under the forest, rice husk and rice husk. The ratio of light to heavy is 3:1. These materials are light and nutritious when mixed. It is the first choice for Clivia.

After preparing these materials, now put a tile or hard plastic sheet on the bottom of the basin, plug the drain hole of the basin bottom, add 1 / 4 of the material, and then put the Clivia into the basin, straighten the Clivia seedling with one hand, continue to add the material with the other hand, then lift the Clivia seedling slightly, and shake the basin slightly, so that the root of Clivia will stretch out, The height of the rhizome is about two or three centimeters lower than that of the basin surface. Use your hands to gently compact the substrate, and finally cover it with a layer of substrate. Do not overflow the basin surface. It is better to leave two centimeters for watering. In order to make the basin surface beautiful and not to rush out of the potholes when watering, a layer of Pishi can be sprinkled on the basin surface. Such a basin of Clivia seedlings will be planted.


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