It’s another year of peanut planting. At this time of the year, we are suffering from a lot of peanut problems. Early sowing of peanut is beneficial to prolong the vegetative growth period and increase nutrient accumulation, but it also faces many adverse factors. So how to grasp the best sowing time of peanuts, how to plant peanuts, today we give you a detailed talk.

1. Sowing method. The sowing methods of peanut were open field sowing and film covering sowing. According to the operation mode, it can be divided into manual sowing and mechanical sowing.
2. Planting density. We should master the principle of reasonable close planting. The planting density of peanut is determined by plant height, seed setting range and leaf area. The suitable planting density of peanut depends on climate characteristics, soil fertility, varieties and cultivation conditions. Generally speaking, the distance between plants and lines is 5 × 8-inch, double kernel planting, over 23000 basic seedlings per mu, and about 20000 seedlings harvested. Try to use peanut specifications to cultivate or use peanut hole locator, and plant six rows per border.
3. Sowing depth. Generally, the sowing of peanuts should be about 5cm. It is necessary to master the principles of “not planting deep when dry, not planting shallow when wet” and shallow when the soil is sticky, and deep when sandy land or sandy land is large. In open field cultivation, the deepest layer should not be more than 7 cm, and the shallowest layer should not be less than 3 cm.
4. It was suppressed after the broadcast. Suppression after sowing is a successful experience of peanut drought resistant sowing to ensure the whole seedling. After pressing, it can not only reduce the evaporation of soil water, but also make the seeds in close contact with the soil, promote the water in the lower soil layer to rise, prevent the seeds from falling dry, and facilitate the germination and emergence of seeds.

Generally speaking, peanut is a kind of warm crop, so the temperature must be suitable, and the most suitable stability for peanut sowing is about 12 ℃, and the most suitable temperature for flowering is 23-28 ℃ and the lowest temperature is 19 ℃.
General peanut sowing period: when peanut is sown, the soil ground temperature of 10 cm deep can be sown after 5 days and stable at more than 15 degrees. Remember that the temperature is less than 11 degrees, do not sow, so as to prevent the occurrence of dead seedlings of rotten seeds. That is, peanuts can be unearthed, and the peanut seedlings will not affect the yield. The best planting time of peanut is from late April to early May, which is the best time for peanut planting before and after the valley rain. The mulching of the plastic film can be sown in the late March. But the climate conditions are different everywhere, so when planting peanuts, it is necessary to determine the actual situation, but make sure not to sow when the temperature is too low!
The seeds with shell should be dried 2-3 days before sowing, and then peeled after drying. Seeds were mixed with 50% imidacloprid suspension seed coating agent and full gold suspension seed coating agent, and then seeded after drying. 2-3 seeds are planted at each hole, and the planting depth is 1.5 inch. The soil with good soil viscosity and good moisture content can be slightly shallow, sandy soil and soil with poor moisture content can be deeper. It is suggested that the planting area of spring peanut should be covered with mulch film, and the peanut yield should be increased by early sowing.
Summer peanut planting area can choose to set, early sowing, improve yield.
The best planting time and the planting method of peanut can not only prevent the problems of peanut from sowing, but also increase peanut yield effectively. But also remind you that in the near future, due to the changeable weather, we must deal with it according to the climate when sowing.

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