Iced vegetable is a new popular vegetable in recent years. Its official scientific name is bingyerihonghua. It can be eaten raw or fried and has high nutritional value. Now a lot of people grow it in China. What are the main points and methods of growing iced vegetables?

Soil management

In order to avoid soil pollution, soil preparation and disinfection should be carried out regularly. If it is polluted by heavy metals, the soil should be replaced in time. In addition, the seeds of iceberg vegetables are very small and the ability of arching soil is weak. Because the soil is hard, they often germinate or cannot be unearthed, leading to seed decay. Therefore, before planting, we must choose a good soil, which is required to be soft, breathable and moist. Only in this way can the soil be suitable for the growth of iced vegetables.

Planting methods

Iced vegetable is a new type of vegetable, and its cultivation methods are various. The suitable cultivation methods of iceberg vegetables include open field, facilities and so on. Basically, all cultivation methods can be used to cultivate iceberg vegetables.


Before sowing, the seeds should be soaked in warm water about 30 ℃ for 2-4 hours. When sowing, 2-3 seeds were sown in each hole. If it is a seedling tray, it should be sown at 9 cm, and the same 2-3 seeds should also be sown. After sowing, a layer of 3-5mm fine soil should not be too deep, otherwise it will affect its normal germination. After sowing, the temperature should be kept at about 20 degrees, not too high or too low. Reduce low temperature, increase temperature, strengthen ventilation when high temperature, reduce seedling environmental temperature. In this way, the seedlings will germinate quickly. Generally, the seedlings can be transplanted 20-40 days after sowing or when they grow 4-5 leaves.


When transplanting and lifting seedlings, pay attention not to damage the root system of seedlings, but also to the time of transplanting. It should not be in rainy days or high temperature period, so as not to affect the survival rate of transplanting. In the field of planting, the spacing between plants and rows should be controlled at 20 × 30 cm, cover soil after transplanting, pour slow seedling water once, not too much, and then control the temperature at about 25 ℃

Site management

Ice vegetables like light. They like to grow in places with plenty of light. In the growth process of iced vegetables, it is necessary to ensure the temperature and make the iced vegetables see as much light as possible. This will be of great help to its yield and quality. Besides the light, we need to control the temperature. The suitable temperature for the growth of iced vegetables is 20-30 ℃, which is sensitive to high temperature. Therefore, the best sunshade measures should be taken in summer to avoid sun exposure, so as to avoid the death caused by the normal burning of strong light, strengthen ventilation and reduce the temperature of planting site. Ice vegetables have strong drought resistance, so it is not suitable to water too much when watering, wait for the soil surface to dry before watering. In the middle and late stage, the growth of iceberg vegetables is very fast, and it can grow in a large area in a short time. In addition, the disease resistance of iceberg vegetables is relatively strong, so the occurrence of disease is also relatively small. They are mainly threatened by pests such as aphids and scarabs. In order to achieve the purpose of high yield and good quality cultivation, we can build insect prevention net and trap board around.

Harvest method

When harvesting, use scissors to expand radially, and harvest from side branches about two months after sowing. During transportation, due to low temperature storage or utilization, the temperature is low in the early morning, and precooling is carried out after harvest.
To sum up, it is the cultivation methods and key points of iced vegetables. You are welcome to learn and introduce to interested farmers.

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