1. Seedling: before planting strawberry, we should choose healthy and disease-free seedlings with luxuriant branches and leaves and developed roots, which will help to improve the survival rate of strawberry.

2. Soil: strawberry is suitable to be planted in the soil with high terrain, flat land, fertile soil, good drainage and permeability.

3. Light: Strawberry prefer light, so in its growth period to ensure adequate light, but pay attention not to be exposed to the sun for a long time, especially in hot summer, we must pay attention to shading measures.

4. Temperature: the suitable temperature for strawberry growth is 15 ~ 22 degrees, too high or too low temperature will affect the normal growth of strawberry.

5. Watering: when planting strawberries, always keep the soil moist, the soil should not be too dry, and the soil drainage is good.

6. Fertilization: Strawberry needs more fertilizer in the growth period, especially in the flowering and fruiting period, we must ensure sufficient nutrient supply, so that the strawberry will grow more plump.

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