Plant vegetables in flowerpots, so that you can enjoy yourself in a small space.


Most beans grow fast and climb vines. You can plant them near your balcony fence.In a few weeks, you’ll see a green wall.Like nitrogenous fertilizer, fertilize more.Like nitrogenous fertilizer, fertilize more.

2. Tomatos

There is no doubt that tomatoes are the easiest to grow,If you have enough sunshine on your balcony, you can plant tomatoes (5 to 6 hours).You need to prepare a 30cm deep pot, and you can also plant the virgin fruit.

3. Carrot

Also need at least 30 cm pot, otherwise the carrot will grow very small.At the same time, keep the sun and moist soil, but also to prevent excessive watering

4. Peas

Peas like wet soil and cool clothing.All varieties are suitable for balcony pot planting.


Eggplant is also more suitable for pot planting, one pot at a time, pay attention to keep the appropriate distance, the pot should not be too small, try to 30 cm deep.

6. Beet

For flowerpots 15 to 30 cm deep, the soil needs to be breathable and can’t accumulate water

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