There are many kinds of flower pots. Besides the common pottery, porcelain basin, glaze basin, purple sand pot and plastic basin, there are some homemade pots, basins and other creative flowerpots.Among them, there are more plastic pots available in the market, with various sizes and specifications. Its advantages are light, beautiful and cheap. Suitable for planting flowers and grasses, some of them can also be used as potting plants.

The plastic flowerpot is a kind of flowerpot made of plastic. Compared with the traditional porcelain flowerpot, it is less watered, cheaper and durable. For a long time, the problem of water pollution and placement of traditional ceramic flowerpots, the use of traditional flowerpots watering times, and the problem of poor control of water quantity.

With the development of society, people’s living standards continue to improve, need more ideal than the traditional flowerpot, a pot of multi-purpose plastic flowerpot, such as rectangular flowerpot, wall hanging flowerpot, hanging flowerpot, water storage flowerpot, automatic watering flowerpot, water detection and so on.

About production technology,The injection molding process is that the plastic raw material PE or PE is mixed, heated and melted by the injection molding machine, injected into the plastic flowerpot mold with high pressure, cooled and molded, and taken out by the manipulator to become a semi-finished product, some of which can be sold directly, and some of which need printing treatment. Blister process is the same as the sheet machine to extrude the plastic raw materials into pieces, and then through the blister machine to air pressure molding, in the hole punch molding, this process mainly produces two-color flowerpots, the production speed is very fast, reduce the cost, not easy to damage and so on.

Plastic injection molding is a method of plastic products. The molten plastic is injected into the mold of plastic products by pressure, and the desired plastic parts are obtained by cooling molding. There are special mechanical injection molding machines for injection molding. At present, the most commonly used plastics are polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, PA, polystyrene, etc.The injection molding process has the following advantages.

1.The product with smooth surface can be obtained without scratch, and the surface text and pattern are clear

2.High degree of automation, multi-mode production, high production efficiency

3.Wide range of application for plastic varieties

For home life, plants are indispensable partners.At the same time, a good flowerpot can also make you enjoy life better.

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