There are all kinds of flowerpots in the world, ceramic, plastic, bamboo fiber, clay and glass. Which one is the best?


 1.  Selection of flowerpot types

Ceramic flowerpots are a good choice, but they are as fragile as glass flowerpots and have poor air permeability.Cement flowerpots have good antifreeze performance, but they are too bulky. Unless you want to build a very grand landscape in your yard, it is not recommended to use cement flowerpots.Do you have flowerpots that are beautiful and dura.Compared with ceramic flowerpots, plastic flowerpots are more portable, not easy to break, and more colorful

 2. Why choose plastic flowerpots

It depends on the size of your yard and the plants you want to plant.Plastic basins have unique advantages for cleaning and moving.Sometimes in extreme weather, you also need to mobilize your family to move the plants indoors urgently. Plastic flowerpots can save a lot of trouble in the process.Plastic flowerpots are easier to clean than clay ones.

 3.  What are your choices in plastic flowerpots

There are many production processes for plastic flowerpots.There are different products for you to choose from, if you are mainly planting players.The gallon flowerpot may be a better choice as a base.If you have the need to decorate the garden and interior, the flowerpot with spraying technology may be more in line with your aesthetic.

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