In daily life, plants are indispensable ornaments in the garden, which can increase a lot of life atmosphere. Planting vegetables and plants can let us relax after work, serve flowers, and give ourselves and our family a chance to enhance their relationship.

So what plants and vegetables can be put in flowerpots for our daily enjoyment?Let me introduce some lovely plants commonly used in the yard.

         1. Leafy Vegetables

If you like to make fresh salads often, why not put spinach, cabbage and lettuce in your city garden? Some green leafy vegetables are grown in containers sold in some horticultural centers. Or you can plant it alone, if you like. Anyway, give them enough sunlight and water so that you can eat healthy vegetables as you like.

         2. Zucchini

Believe it or not, almost all kinds of zucchini can be grown in flowerpots or baskets. They are very hard plants and easy to grow. Even for humans, if you like to eat zucchini, just plant the seeds in each pot and watch them boil!

         3. English Ivy

English  ivy is a fast-growing plant, because of its long, hanging branches, in the basket looks very magical. However, because it is a climbing plant, it looks really good when you give it a place to grow like a vine. British Ivy also does a good job in removing formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide from the air, making it an excellent indoor plant.

         4. Herbs

Every grass grows in a small potted garden. Basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage and even leek can grow in one or more pots. You can plant it outdoors or indoors all year round, but if you decide to plant it indoors, make sure you put it in a sunny window.

5. Tomatoes

Many people like to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, tomatoes can be easily grown in containers of any size, depending on the variety you like. For example, if you like to chew cherry tomatoes, you can plant them in cans or baskets of any size, But if you like tomato steak, be sure to buy a stronger container to hold its maximum size. No matter what kind of tomatoes you grow, be sure to add a cage to the container to provide additional support.

          6. Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the easiest plants to grow in containers. In fact, they do well indoors, So you can enjoy fresh strawberries all year round, just make sure they grow in the sun and harvest regularly to have more room to grow.

          7. Cucumbers

To plant cucumbers in containers, you must plant vertically to maximize the use of your plants. Add cages and even pillars to allow vines to climb. Although any type of cucumber can be grown in containers, the best varieties include Chinese pickles, space masters and shrub hybrids. In addition, like most plants, you should harvest them often so that more plants can grow.

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